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COVID-19 Outside Dining Safety Measures

To Our Guests:

We are excited begin re-opening, even if under these limited circumstances!

Please be aware that everyone is handling the coronavirus situation differently, and we are all under a great deal of stress and strain.  It’s important that you be patient with our staff, and your fellow guests.

There are many, many new rules, procedures and regulations that we must implement in order to open safely.  These are all new rules, and we are working hard to implement them as quickly as possible.

If you see something that appears unsanitary or unsafe, please notify a member of the staff and point it out.  Don’t go straight to or YouTube to voice your dissatisfaction.  Talk to us.

We are trying hard to ensure your safety, and we need everyone’s help to do that well.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Jason Faircloth – Manager/Owner

Please note the following procedures that we are implementing in order to ensure the health and safety of our staff and our customers:

1.  Cafe customers are not allowed inside the facility other than to use the restroom.  6-Foot markings are present at the restroom waiting line.

2.  Cafe customers must wear a face covering whenever not seated at a table, including walking to or from their seat, or entering the temporary outside dining area.

3.  All cafe staff must weear face masks and gloves at all times.

4.  All food and drink orders will be taken tableside, and food and drinks will be delivered by cafe staff.

5.  Customers must check-in with Splitrock staff to be seated (no self seating)

6.  All tables are for single household groups only, except in cases where 2 groups of 2 may share a picnic table by seating at either end.

7.  Customers may not stand in the dining area other than to come or go from their table, or to leave to use the restroom.

8.  Tables, stools and benches will be sanitized after use and/or before the next customer is seated.