Splitrock Tap & Wheel....a place to lose your bearings

The Shop

Walk in Service - mechanics on staff during all open hours


                                                             Service Menu


•Flat Repair

•Derailleur Adjustment

•Brake Adjustment

•Wheel and rotor straightening

•New component installations and parts swaps



Scheduled Service and repairs - Fully equipped service department


•Complete overhauls and tune-ups

•Safety check overs

•Custom builds

•Suspension service and overhauls

•Disc brake service and bleed

•Anything else your bike needs to be in top running condition

• Tubeless conversion

• Labor - $100 an hour



The Splitrock Tap and Wheel crew has over 50 years combined experience. Our staff  are veterans in the bike industry including;  previous bike shop owners, ex pro team mechanic, product development, marketing, design retail and more. So please don't hesitate to ask us any questions about your bike and/or bike stuff! Happy trails!